Billy C continues to impress with his one on one interviews! This time, the Author of the great new book, Jersey Boy: The Life & Mob Slaying Of Frankie DePaula, Adeyinka Makinde stops by the Talkin Boxing With Billy C Radio Program to talk about his new book.


  • Henry Marler

    Great interview, Billy. You and ade covered a lot of ground about old boxers and the mob. I didn’t know a lot of mob guys, I was only on a crew, but I know one thing, Frankie was not a snitch. Richard Burnell was the one who called the Feds and turned govt. witness against us when he got nailed on his 4th. felony for bad checks. He was the only rat out of all of us that were indicted.

    Sep 9, 2010 at 3:53 pm

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